We love our community. We laugh A LOT. We’ve built great, long-lasting relationships and done incredible, fulfilling work. We have a very clear understanding of each other’s strengths, having worked together previously. And now, we are grateful and excited that we get to bring all of our collective goodness together to help our clients achieve their greatest ambitions, and to make our community a better place.


Mark Dyce-Ryan

What a life! So grateful for all I’ve experienced. There’s been the ups, and there’s been the downs. Yet – I believe EVERYTHING in the world happens for a reason. There are rewards and consequences – giant to tiny – for every single thing we think, we say and we do. The deep, valuable experience with consumer brands, media, community and compassion have created a moment in time where ‘WHY’ has never been so important to me, to my community, and to my planet. I could list the myriad of local, regional, national and global brands. But I’d rather sit up on the side of my bed in the morning and ask: How can I be helpful today? I’m looking forward to working with those companies, nonprofits, foundations and individuals who share similar values to make our world a better place.


Michael Graubard

He’s the hugger, I’m the hand-shaker. With that out of the way, it’s fair to say that I’ve been working toward WHY for the past 20 years. I believe in the power of great communication and its ability to engage, understand, move and motivate. Done right, it can change minds and it can change the world.  Throughout my career, I’ve been honored to work with both large global brands and small, community-based groups to not just communicate their stories, but, more importantly, to help find their stories. It’s what I’m passionate about, and it’s WHY we’re here.

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